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The Collapse of the Western Civilisation (Part 2)

In the 1st part, we discussed how there are historical similarities in the current situations that are being faced by the Western Civilization. Now, we will explore some of the modern issues that the Western countries experiencing.

Modern Factors Contributing to the End of Western Society:-

Other rising Nations

Our World, for most of the last 100 years, was unipolar. This means that one country or one ideology had all the power in the world. That ideology can most likely be referred to as "Democracy" and "Freedom". The Westerns nation were so obsessed with this ideology that they even imposed it other countries that were even incompatible with it. Some cultures around the world see all people as equal; while some cultures view king or religious leaders as the leaders of the society. And therefore, this incompatibility resulted in civil conflicts soon after the invading forces left after their loot; example Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

We all know that most of the wars and coups were designed to remove the patriotic-nationalist leaders of rival countries that did not accept the superiority of the western nations. These coups often resulted in replacing those powerful nationalist leaders with puppets controlled by the western countries. This helped the Western countries in maintaining their global hegemony and power to influence other nations; thereby making the people of those countries slaves to the national interests of their new masters. To legitimize the leadership of the new puppet leader, the ideology of "democracy" was enforced on the slave nation. "Economic aids" were then given to the countries to silence an uprising; given to the corrupt puppet leaders. Fake NGOs and other organizations were tasked with keeping the people divided and fighting amongst themselves. During this distraction, their natural resources and other vital resources were looted. This is the reason why western countries are interested in the human rights in oil and resource-rich countries that are not under their control; but, they always ignore the human rights violations in Africa.




With the end of the 20th century, the military power of the westerns nations have declined where they could only challenge countries that are far more inferior to theirs. Most developing countries have seen what the western countries have been doing in Arab, Asian, African and Latin America countries for the past 80 years; and these rising nations have ensured that their own populations remains unaffected by the psychological warfare tactics of the western countries. Like the says goes = " you can fool some people all the time or you can fool all the people for some time; but you can never fool all the people all the time".

Faith in the System

Trust between nations cannot be built upon lie and blackmail; they require years of mutually constructive diplomacy, help, deeper understanding, aligning foreign interests and trade. Strategic partnership are those partnerships that are based on a use-and-throw policy; after the intended use, these relationships are discarded without any considerations on the impact on the local population or the future of those nations. Right now, the US tops the list of countries with most strategic partners. This excludes Germany and Japan, because they were forced to be allies post world war 2. Therefore, in times of crisis, or in the first sign of weakness, these "Strategic Partnership" will collapse.

And the most shocking breach of trust was -the freezing of Russian assets as part of the Western sanctions. If we consider that from a strictly financial point of view, we see that - this stupid decision of the Western nations has made all the developing nations in the world question the safety of their assets in dollars and in foreign banks. And therefore, this is seen as some financial experts as the first sign of collapse of the US Dollar.




Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a serious problem in many Western nations. Substance use disorders have been linked to depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation, as well as physical health problems such as liver cirrhosis and heart damage. The misuse of prescription medications has become particularly prevalent in recent years with the rise of opioid painkillers like Oxycodone and Fentanyl. Additionally, recreational drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and methamphetamine are frequently abused in these countries. In Philadelphia (the drug abuse capital of the world), people are using powerful tranquilizer drugs like xylazine, just to get away from the chaotic society. These drugs are not only causing permanent brain damage but also causing the skin to rot and melt.

When times become difficult due to unemployment, higher cost of living, unstable political system, systemic racism and other depressive factors, people often tend to get addicted to drugs and alcohol. As stated in the previous articles about the upcoming poly-crisis in 2023, these drug abuses are expected to increase at a rate never seen before.*





The western countries for the past century relied on the imported workforce from Asian countries by offering better opportunities, living standards and education; significantly greater than what they would otherwise receive in their home countries. But as their home countries are growing and getting better, most people are reluctant to leave to other nations. This decision may also be influenced by factors such as racial violence, hate and gun violence; for example, when COVID-19 hit the US, the Chinese People faced racial abuse.

The technological superiority of the western countries are being challenged by the rising superpowers in Asia. Considering just the military tech, we can see countries like Russia and China developing sophisticated military tech cheaper and more effective. For example, we can see the hypersonic missiles developed by Russia and China; they did it years before the US. This change in the balance of technological superiority and innovation will be the cause if next migration; from an Asian perspective - reverse migration.




Stock Market

If we look at today's stock market, it is all speculative trading and totally detached from the reality. All the printed excess money is held in the stock markets of the western world; mostly managed by hedge funds and institutional investments. The most important point here to understand is that- even the pension funds that are supposed to be held by the government is currently in the stock markets, along with the all the speculative money. Therefore, once the volatile stock market crashes due to any the central banks policy or war, then we will see all the savings of the middle class disappear in seconds. It is worthy to note that the middle class population is the backbone of economic growth of any country.

Climate Change

Climate change is also a concern for a collapsing society. Unlike the usual climate change issues, we need to focus on the recent man-made climate catastrophes that are becoming prevalent in the western societies. Here, I am focusing on the instant large-scale climate change crises. We all know Chernobyl nuclear accident, it is famous and well documented; it changed the landscape of the entire area for ever. Economically, it destroyed the region and made it a waste late. Former Soviet Union leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, stated in an interview that the Chernobyl nuclear accident was the main cause of the decline of the Soviet Union.

For example, recently in the US an accident took place that released very harmful chemicals into the atmosphere - chemicals that was once used during World War 1 as a weapon. According to the information that I received, approximately 450,000Kg+ of Vinyl Chloride has been released into the atmosphere in the state of Ohio, the US (in a town called East Palestine). Dead plants and animals have been reported in the areas 2km away from the incident. Vinyl Chloride, when burnt, forms Hydrogen Chloride (a powerful acid) that mixes with water and destroy all organic life in its way. The video shown below explains all the details of the incident.

And since then there has been a series of major industrial disasters happening in the United States. The notable one always linked to public safety like the one mentioned below.

End of the Petrodollar

The end of the petrodollar will be a critical turning point in world economics. The petrodollar was established in 1974, when Saudi Arabia agreed to accept US Dollars for their oil exports instead of gold. This agreement allowed the US Dollar to become the global reserve currency and even today it is still used as a medium of exchange between countries. As more countries move away from using US Dollars for their international transactions, particularly with Russia and China creating alternative payment systems not dependent on the Dollar, this could spell an uncertain future for its status as a global reserve. If other major economies begin to use different currencies or payment systems then this could lead to greater economic instability around the world as overall confidence in the Dollar decreases.

Also worth noting that BRICS nations are working to implement better alternative to the US Dollar. And the most crucial steps in dethroning the dollar is by stopping the sales of oil in Dollar and creating an alternative to international banks like the World Bank and IMF; thereby influencing the stability of the US Dollar. Already, the Dollar share In the world is declining, and intelligent investors are moving away from Dollar.




Cultural Degradation

If we look at most of the western world now, we see that people are more divided than ever. They are divided on the terms of race, gender, ethnicity, wealth, and ideologies. A nation destroyed from the inside will never be reborn. Ancient Roman empire can be considered as a best example. Today, people in the west are totally delusional about what is happening in the world; and are even questioning basic science, biology, and history.

From a psychological point of view, we can consider this questioning of basic facts and deterioration of scientific data as a symptom of a decaying society. When money drives each and every aspect of a society, there will be people that are left with a lack of opportunities, lack of self-worth, lack of spirituality, and lack of morality; over time, these people amass outside the "visible" society, totally unnoticed. And when they become the majority and get decision-making powers (after the society produce a weak generation), they will always work towards the destruction of the society that created them; knowingly or unknowingly.


Most of the Western countries have fewer natural resources when compared to Asia or Africa. Therefore, in order to maintain their living standard, they create division amongst societies in these resource-rich countries; to extract their resources. In order to maintain their international positive image, they create coups in their target countries and then come in as the saviour of democracy. In short, they make the problems and the solution. European nations for the past 200+ years have been exploiting African nations of all their resources; that includes raw materials and human labour. All the Swiss chocolates and Belgian cut diamonds are not made in Europe, they are processed in Europe; originally they come from Africa. Most of the Gold mines in Africa work on Child-labour. Here we need to note that if one particular class of people are living an ultra-luxurious life, then there is always another class of people that live an austere life.

When the western countries lose their military strength and their financial status, we will see a totally dependent, resource scarce group of countries that can no longer support themselves and nor their ideologies. People of the Europe will come to the realization that they were enjoying the benefits of hard-forced labour of other countries in Asia and Africa; by using laws, banking institutions, and coups.

For example, France still control its former colonies through cooperation agreements that outline almost all aspects of their internal functioning. France provides aid to its former colonies in return to access to its natural resources. These aids never reach the common people in the African colonies because the people in power are selected by the French government; those people that are extremely corrupt and loyal to their French overlords.

Lack of trust (Breakdown of Treaties)

Relationships are built on trust; whether it is between people or countries. Agreements and treaties are a form of a promise that the nations give each other to better understand/coordinate/align policies that are of mutual interests. When these promises are broken and words no longer have meaning, we see the breakdown of diplomacy and trade agreements. This behaviour slowly culminates into misunderstandings and accusations; that ultimately results in a conflict or societal collapse. The recent revelations of Minsk agreement and the seizure of Russian assets has shown the world that the Western nations cannot be trusted; and the current monetary system can be weaponized if the world does not function according to the policies of the western countries.

Thucydides' Trap

Thucydides' Trap is a phrase coined by the political scientist Graham Allison to describe an argument which asserts that when a rising power threatens to displace an existing great power, war between them is likely. The most famous example of this phenomenon is Thucydides' account of the Peloponnesian War in ancient Greece, where he observed "the growth of Athens' power and (Sparta's) fear" as being two primary causes for their conflict. He states that the incumbent superpower nation is always threatened by the success of a rising power. Out of 16 such occurrences in the world history since 16th Century, only 4 times did the world see a peaceful transfer of power. All the other 12 times ended in a war.

Here, the situation is exactly the same. Today, the People's Republic of China's rise is challenging the global superpower, the United States of America, in all aspects of human development: technology, education, culture, etc. A war between US and China can have catastrophic consequences around the world due to 2 major reason - shortage of manufactured goods and monetary instability. Currently, the concept of Nuclear Winter is not considered here because it is still a theory; this does not mean we deny its possibility.




Impact of Western Civilisation's Demise

There are 3 ways a society can collapse (from least to most violent): -


Balkanization is a process where in which the large country breakup into smaller independent nations that may be in accordance with their unique ideology, ethnicity, language, culture or tradition. The world witnessed balkanization when the Soviet Union collapsed on 26th December 1991. This form of collapse is usually non-violent and non-destructive. They are often succeeded by a long period of economic uncertainty until the effects of the new borders wean off; after which they will experience a tremendous economic growth and national rejuvenation. For the sake of understanding, it is like being in an unexpected car accident. For a few minutes, the person is confused and disoriented and then when the person regains conciseness, he/she tries to escape the situation. Usually during this period, neighbouring nations and enemies tries to loot the nation's national resources and other valuable; similar to some people looting the accident victims instead of saving them.

Russia is currently in a phase of national rejuvenation and they are beginning to understand the real friends and enemies as the facade of communism is no longer affecting them in their decision making since the Soviet Era. Therefore, this often results in a short-prolonged renaissance period for them as well as huge progress in military, research and manufacturing.

Furthermore, the western countries are on the verge of breaking up into smaller countries due to their political difference and economics. In the United States, people and local governments are now publicly exploring ways to separate their state from the federal government due to their political differences. Also, the European Union and NATO are also not united like it used to be before. Brexit was one such example.

Societal Collapse

People in a nation that is facing a societal collapse will be the worst affected as it will destroy almost everything. Looting, rioting, rape, torture, murders, kidnappings, and all the possible crimes that a human brain can think of will happen. Law and order will be at 0% as the law enforcers may not be able to protect themselves. The food supply will weaken to a point where it can cost more than gold in some areas; as most of the western nations today rely on imported food from "third world countries". As local food producing rural areas are surrounded by strong protected communities, organized crime will be more focused on people living in the outskirts of the cities; people living in the outskirts of the cities are not usually well organized and cannot self-protect, but they have a lot of stashed food items. And, in these countries, mostly Indians and Chinese people usually make huge grocery purchases monthly and live in big houses; the looters are usually well aware of this fact and therefore making them their first target for looting.

People living within 15km of cities will face the most difficulty, as all the supermarkets will be looted within the first 12 hours by looters and ordinary people in a last-minute attempt to prepare for what is already happening. Food deliveries will not reach cities as all the supply chains will be broken as soon as violence takes hold. In short, large metropolitan cities will turn into mental asylums, as the people will no longer be in control of their emotions due to hunger and frustration. Alfred Henry said " there are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy" ‒ which means chaos will ensue after 3 days of hunger in all the cities. Soon I will publish articles on Societal Collapse.

World War 3

The worst way a civilisation can descend is by pulling other down as they descend; much like how people hold on to other people when they fall. In today's interconnected world where USA is the centre of almost everything (Dollar, military, war, and in control of global institutions like World Bank), the possibility of a third world war is the most likely scenario in the current situation. And with countries with nuclear weapons are increasing more than ever, we will see a nuclear war, but in a limited way. I have written more about it on my previous article.




How to avoid such a collapse?

Financial Reset

Considering Finance, we can see that the financial system today is not aiding people but is becoming the reason for all the problem for humanity as a whole. For the sake of understanding, consider this-

Back in the 1950-70, people were mostly having a part-time job or a small business; this was more than enough for an average family to thrive happily in most the western country. The financial regulation during those days were minimal and people could get loans easily and the money used had actual value.

During 1970-2000, total debt had increased and the money had lost its value; central banks started printing money without any restriction. This led to people borrowing money at low interest rates and started spending to show case their lavish lifestyle. There were instances where people used to take debt using the names of their pets. Most average people had a 9-5 full time work life, and they were happy with it. Investors used this cheap money to invest in the stock markets to make more profit than they did ever before; and it did work. People were spending money on products produced by corporations and this helped their profits to increase, which in turn increased their stock market valuation. All this started a series of stock market crashes that made a few people extremely rich at the expense of a lot of average people; those average people who were just living their own life without any greed. Even today, the series of economic crashes are continuing and are forcing ordinary people out of jobs and forcing them to sell their small business.

This sudden cheap sale of small business during every recession resulted in the formation of large multinational corporations that we see today. And to further increase the pain for future generations, they used the elected government lawmakers to pass legislation to protect their monopoly.

Today (2000-2023), most of the people living in the cities of the western countries are doing more than 2 jobs just to sustain the expenses that they are facing. I personally know a few people who have 3 jobs; one job for paying rent, one job for food and another expenses and another part-time job for education expenses and some savings. But, even after all these efforts, they are still financially insecure due to the ever looming threat of recession and subsequent job loss.

Therefore, a reset of Financial system is essential as it will bring a new financial equilibrium among all the people without harming those people who have truly created their wealth; common prosperity. The current debt-based monetary system is not only ruining people's live around the world but also making them do illegal things just for survival. Therefore, this financial reset is not similar to the one proposed by the World Economic Forum that is centered on corporations; but a new financial reset that is centered on humanism (where the wellbeing of each and every human is considered and money is just a tool). In my upcoming articles, I will explain the upcoming mental health pandemic from a financial angle.




How you can survive such a collapse?

When a collapse or a war happens in a complex society like our, we need to prepare in order to keep our families safe. During such situations, it is the last priority of the government to help its citizens; continuity of government is given the utmost priority and therefore, normal people's sufferings are irrelevant for them. Also, these countries will become totalitarian once martial law is invoked.

Be Prepared

As I have always said, keep gold as your store of wealth (large portions of your savings), keep Bitcoins / Cryptos for short-term use after one year of the collapse and keep food-water and other essentials to survive for at least a year-at wherever you are staying. Gold will be the ultimate store of value and that is why the central banks all around the world are buying gold during this time of crisis. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are good for transactions when the society gets back to normal and when a new financial system is not yet established; therefore, a small amount of your savings can be put into those for the sake of convenience and not for profiteering. But for the first year, food and water will be essential for your survival. If you are in a country with access to guns, you could have some for the sake of self-protection and food-hunting; but here on this website we cannot promote anything related to guns, so use your due diligence in those matters.

Relocate to safer places

A better way would be to relocate out of cities and into areas safe from possible violence and military attacks. People with farmhouses in areas outside of the cities are the ones that have a higher chance of survival due to the availability of the food, water and shelter. Rich people have nuclear bunkers that are fully equipped with all the amenities that can support life for at least 25 years. But that doesn't mean that ordinary people cannot prepare in their own way. In my upcoming article dedicated to the coming societal collapse, i will discuss these in detail.


One of the easiest methods is to migrate to low-risk countries that have simple residency rules and can provide all that is necessary for a stay for up to 5 years. Based on the current situation, migrating from Western nations to Eastern nations will be better; and right now, many people are doing the same.


In finance, debt is defined as the money taken from the future generations to create assets for the present generation. But instead, they (generations that came before us) used it to for wars, profiteering, stock market gambling, and the worst of all- reckless spending. As I write this article, President Joe Biden announced a pension program for the people living in Ukraine with the US taxpayers money; at the same time has done almost nothing for the people of the state of Ohio in USA, where a massive chemical spill took place. When empires and families collapse, the delusional elders recklessly spend money on the people outside of their families and incur huge debt to their own people/children; and leave them debt-ridden for the rest of their life.

It is a sin to not look after your people/children; but even greater sin to give them debt for the rest of their lives.

Today's financial suffering can be attributed to the enormous debt taken by some in the generations before us to support their extravagant lifestyle and stupid spending. Those debts are now being repaid by today's generation by sacrificing their dreams and living a frugal life in most cases. Most young people are not having the same level of dreams that their parents once had; they are not getting married, not having children and not getting involved in today's society. As long as old selfish people cling to power and become a parasite to the society, the younger generations will suffer the most.

While some old senior economists are shamelessly advising the younger generation to skip their breakfasts to survive the coming recession, we need to prepare to pay the price for the stupidity and reckless spending caused by the generations that came before us; in the coming years ahead.


NOTE: This article does not intend to malign or disrespect any person on gender, orientation, color, profession, or nationality. This article does not intend to cause fear or anxiety to its readers. Any personal resemblances are purely coincidental. All pictures and GIFs shown are for illustration purpose only. This article does not intend to dissuade or advice any investors.

* This article does not promote the use harmful substances and weapons.





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